Ruritan Mission

Ruritan is dedicated to improving communities and building a better America through Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service. Club membership represents a cross section of the community the club serves and is available to all persons interested in the community. Unlike most service organizations, Ruritan has no national projector program; instead each club surveys the needs of its own community and then works to meet those needs

Current Officers:

  • President – Dave Huffer
  • Vice President – James Morgan
  • Treasurer – Larry Putman
  • Asst. Treasurer – Jay House
  • Secretary – Debbiie Higdon
  • Recording Secretary – Jackie Grantham
  • 3rd Year Director – Brian Bowers
  • 2nd Year Director – Bill Allen
  • 1st Year Director – Kevin Grantham
  • Past President – Charles Summers


  • Charles Summers
  • Chuck Harp
  • David Huffer

Each Ruritan Club is Unique

Unlike most community service organizations, Ruritan rarely has national programs. Rather, each club surveys the needs of its own community and then works to meet some of those needs. Nearly all clubs work locally with youth organizations such as FFA, 4-H and Scouting. Many clubs provide and supervise community recreational centers, sponsor little league and other athletic programs, sponsor anti-litter campaigns, help the sick and needy and provide a wide range of other activities to help improve their local communities.

For more about the Jefferson Ruritan Club see our History page.